Online Business Resources

To Set You Free

I have invested in hundreds of products and services that have helped me transform and continually improve all of my businesses that are generating me a constant passive income.

These include dozens of online training courses, seminars, and tons of books. I get asked all the time about what I personally recommend, which is why I thought it’d be incredibly helpful to share all of the best online business resources that I currently use or have used and absolutely love.

This page contains all of the premier online business resources that I’ve benefitted from to help you on your path of passive income mastery and true financial freedom. No matter which avenue you choose to go down for your first passive income stream, whether you want to master affiliate marketing,  self-publishing, or e-commerce – this page provides tools and resources to kickstart your journey. Resources on this page are constantly updated, so make sure you check back often!

This page contains affiliate links and If you decide to purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a commission at no additional cost to you. I will only endorse products that I have personally used and benefitted from. These are products I feel will truly make a difference for you. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Online Business Courses

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

You can buy other courses but this affiliate marketing course is the one I highly recommend. It is a wonderful resource and it will help guide you step-by-step on your affiliate marketing journey. No questions are left unanswered in this highly detailed and constantly updated course.

Mastering Book Publishing

This tried and true system will help make you money by publishing books online with Amazon! If you’ve never published a book before, don’t worry this course has you covered and will set you up for long term success. As someone who publishes books on Amazon regularly, I stand behind this course 100%. If you are serious about making your income full time as an author you absolutely need this course!

Mastering Book Marketing

Are you an author that already has books published on Amazon? Odds are you aren’t getting the sales you deserve? By taking this marketing course you’ll walk away with a wealth of simple and effective steps needed to increase your odds of success on Amazon. Give your book sales the proper kick in the pants they need and become successful doing what you love!

General Online Business & Marketing


One host to rule them all. Yes I went there. I have used many website hosting services before including iPage and Bluehost. SiteGround has them all beat with their list of standard features, incredible 99.99% uptime, polite and helpful support staff, fast servers, free SSL cert, free CDN, and more. You can also purchase your domain and completely skip sites like GoDaddy. All my websites use this and I will not be switching anytime soon. 


This Page Builder completes the WordPress build experience and allows you to turn your website into a quick to build and easy to manage masterpiece. Don’t like coding? No problem! You can build premium looking sites much faster than coding from scratch. They have tons of tutorials to teach you how to use and master this incredible tool. Click “LEARN MORE” to have your mind blown!


This is the WordPress theme I use for all my websites. It is easy to work with, 100% compatible with page builders like Elementor, and has tons of other benefits. If you are building a website with WordPress I can’t recommend this theme enough. 


Need a logo designed for your company? 99Designs has your back! You can create a logo design contest and people from around the world will compete. You’ll wind up with tons of high quality logo options to choose from.   


This is an amazing website to find freelancers. You can have a whole range of  things done for just $5. There are certain things I don’t have time for or can’t get to at the moment. This is where Fiverr shines and I can honestly say it’s really helped my business.

Google Analytics

This is the tool I use to gain insights and track the stats for my websites. Some of these include visitors, traffic sources, and more.

E-commerce Resources


If you plan on building an e-commerce store this option is for you. It’s easy to setup and they offer free themes that are optimized for the selling experience and they offer plenty of tutorials to get you on the right track. 


A premium option for offering print-on-demand dropshipped products from your Shopify store. They handle the whole process, printing your designs and shipping to your customers. If you aren’t good at design its ok, you can order designs from Fiverr and put them on your products. 


Another premium option for offering print-on-demand dropshipped products. They have plenty of items that Printful may not have and both services work as a great combination together. 

Book & Ebook Publishing Resources


This is an invaluable tool when researching keywords that perform. You can see how competitive each keyword is when doing title research and how well each book is selling for that keyword.

Books Bros Publishing

Are you an author with plenty of books already written or in work? Books Bros Publishing can help you to copy edit, format, and even publish your books online. They are also constantly updating their site with resources to help you to become a better author. I highly recommend checking them out if you need someone in your book corner!

Helpful Books

Russell Brunson's Expert Secrets

Expert Secrets will help give power and authority to your voice, potentially impacting the lives of many people globally. I highly recommend getting this book to spread your message to people who absolutely need it and to help you build a following. 

Affiliate Marketing

This book will give you everything you need when starting with affiliate marketing. It gives you step-by-step directions and actionable steps to set you in the right direction. I highly recommend giving this book a read. If you want a more comprehensive all-in-one experience I still highly recommend the Affiliate Marketing Mastery course above.